The Whole Package

Since 1997, Shen Service Group has helped Ohio and Michigan businesses large and small prevent layoffs, eliminate absenteeism, reduce injuries and accidents, maximize production, and be more profitable. We can do the same for you.

Shen Service Group offers a diverse array of labor management solutions to help your business meet challenges and exploit opportunities. Our professionals can help you find and eliminate your company’s vulnerabilities and capitalize on its strengths. We’ll show you how to maintain the flexibility to remain profitable regardless of market conditions.

Our unique, tailored approach ensures that you get the most for your labor dollar while you focus on running your business.

temp labor
Labor Remedy Toledo temporary services Labor Remedy is Toledo’s labor force. Whether you require 50 workers for a year or one for an afternoon, Labor Remedy has the resources and expertise to help you get the job done better. Services include contingent staffing, recruiting, payroll services, employee leasing, and others.
Gasper Recycling Toledo demolition companies Gasper Recycling provides cost effective demolition and other recycling services. If you build it, they will knock it down.
Safe 3 Toledo safety training and OSHA training Safe3 provides OSHA certified safety training for workers, supervisors and managers. A safe workplace protects your business, and a safe workplace starts with safe workers.