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Does your company have to meet production deadlines or high volume seasonal demands? Do you have emergency, contingency, or supplemental staffing needs? Do you have to deal with the ebb and flow of contract backlog? Let us match our workforce to your workload.

Labor Remedy provides industrial labor staffing solutions to businesses in need of temporary workers. As a leading labor force provider in the region, Labor Remedy has earned a reputation for rapidly meeting our clients’ needs for dependable workers.

Our pool of workers and tradesmen is available on short notice. Typically, we can deliver qualified, dependable workers to your site within an hour of your initial request.

Temporary staffing is a convenient, cost effective alternative to hiring and managing short-term employees. Labor Remedy pays all employer burdens including payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation. Our service also includes handling of W-2’s, wage garnishments, prevailing wage reports, safety training, and other administrative and compliance issues.

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