Shen Service Group Comprehensive Labor Solutions


Two thirds of Shen Service Group management are veterans of the U.S. Armed forces. As such, we are committed to supporting our troops past and present.


It has been our experience that, as a group, veterans of the armed forces tend to be hard-working, reliable, motivated, and low maintenance. With that in mind, the Shen Service Group companies have implemented a Veteran’s Preference Program. Simply, when two candidates are equally suited for a job, the Vet gets the work. Our customers have benefitted enormously by our willingness to give weight to this important indicator of fitness and character. Besides, if you know of a more deserving bunch, we’d like to know about it.


If you are a veteran and intend to apply with us, bring your DD-214 to make you eligible for the Veterans Preference Program. If you do not have your DD-214, one of our staff will help you get it. Complete details of the program will be explained to you when you apply. If you wish to get your DD-214 on your own please click here.

Veterans Skyway Bridge